Homekit and Separate VLAN for IoT How to setup?

HI All,

Next step in securing my network. I have recently setup all my VLAN and FW rules everything is working. Today I started on working with my HomeKit setup. Everything is currently on my home network. VLAN10. I setup a separate VLAN40 for IoT. I wired in a smart Meross switch.

On my iPhone I connected to my IoT SSID, and attempted to add my Light switch. Homekit didn’t complete the pairing process, but my switch obtained an IP address from VLAN40 (kinda a win??)

I am starting with a new light switch as to not disrupt my current homekit setup.

I have watched Toms video on Avahi and IoT devices, have it running, with publishing running

Goal is to have my aTV on my home lan LAGG, all my homekit devices on VLAN40.
Again this forum has been great and can’t wait to learn more.

I have never used any HomeKit devices so I am not sure if Avahi will help route their traffic.

@LTS_Tom I have done a lot of reading about Homekit and using an ATV as a hub. Basically from what I have read, the hub wants conistant communication to its devices.
Are there any sercurity implications if I have my IoT devices on their own VLAN with no access to the internet or other VLANS/LANS except for the IP address of the ATV

Cheers Ian

Putting them on their own VLAN/Network without access to your network is the ideal way to set them up.

What is an ATV? What does it do?

aTV is an apple TV - Apple uses ATVs or HomePods (their smart speaker) as hubs to communicate to the Home Kit devices - light switches, thermostats etc.

Thank you for clarifying, may we know why do you need your apple tv in your home network?

I agree with Tom it is much better to connect your Apple TV with the IoT network this will save you a lot of trouble.

@reymond070605 Very true was challenging myself this weekend on this. My Apple TV is my Set top box for my cable provider and also I serve all my movie library to my ATV as well. Need to figure out how to have my docker on my Synology NAS in the same IP range as my IoT then I think I’ll be good.

Thanks again all !!