HomeAssistant VM with Zigbee/Zwave Stick


Any one successfully got this setup working please (USB passthrough), or is only a bare metal install recommended in this scenario?

Either way, was considering these sticks…





PS My hypervisor of choice … Proxmox


i have not done it personally but I did assist a good friend of mine with passing thru a USB Z-Wave controller on XCP-ng… assuming USB pass-thru in Proxmox wants to be agreeable it should be no problem. Remember that if you have more than one node running Proxmox you may have migration issues with the VM.

thanks, was more concerned with relaibility of different manufacturrs sticks using passthrough.

although… have just installed homeassistant supervised on a vanilla install of debian, quite straightforward, have also installed proxmox on a vanilla install of debian in the past as well …

think I’m going to try installing both together on debian… if it works will be the perfect solution :slight_smile:

He has not had any reliability issues with his dongle i will update when he gets back to me i dont remember which one it was off the top of my head

ok thanks

(I haven’t had any experience of zwave dongles yet, but have been told that the sonoff zigbee (attached directly to a pi3) has been very stable when used with some ikea power plugs/sensors and some aqara sensors)

Those are (the sonoff and aeotec) adapters I’m using for HomeAssistant, but I’m installed bare metal on a Pi4. They’ve worked well for me.

An alternative approach (which I use) is to attach the sonoff dongle to a RPi running Ubuntu server and ser2net. I then have zigbee2mqtt on a XCP-ng VM configured to take this TCP input stream as it’s ‘adapter’.

FYI… good well explained step by step vid for setting up HA in proxmox with zwave usb…