Home Wireless Network Advice Needed


I am planning a home network while I do some major renovations at my home. The house is 2 level with approximately 2000 sq ft on each level. The house has full concrete walls so Wi-Fi coverage has always been a problem.
I have done some research and now down to 2 choices - Unifi and Meraki Go. My basic plan options are as follows:

MERAKI GO 5 Port Security Gateway OR Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway
Meraki Go 8-Port PoE Cloud Managed Network Switch OR UniFi Switch 8-Port POE
6x Meraki Go Indoor Wi-Fi Access Point OR Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-PRO

Can someone give me some advice or direction. Also I am not familiar with any subscriptions requirements and cost. I will also consider any other alternatives.

Thank you all in advance for the help.

I do not recommend any of the Ubiquiti Unifi routing products as they are very basic and a bit limited in features beyond basic routing. I have not used the Meraki Go but my understanding is that Meraki Go hardware requires a license to be operational and I think needs to be purchased through a reseller.

For a firewall pfsense and Untangle are the ones I most often recommend. For switches and WiFi the UniFi switching and access points works quite well.

Hey good morning, thank you for responding so quickly. Since my post I have viewed many of your videos on YouTube and I must say they are very informative. I also think I got most of my answers from these videos.
I like the fact that the management software can be hosted locally and there is no license. Also this setup is for my home so I don’t mind the basic routing.
One question I did not ask is that I am located outside the USA and was wondering if the Unifi products have any restrictions related to that. I am in the Caribbean?
Also can you do a video on WAN aggregation and load balancing and how this works with the routers your company uses. I am interested in this feature for redundancy.

Thank you again for the assistance.

Untange and pfsens both support WAN failover.

Thank you Tom, I have been binging you videos all day.

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