Home upgrade to unify ecosystem

Hi new guy hare, I am planing on upgrading my home network. I have 2 ISP one 500mb the other one 200MB I will be getting 2 unifi AC. A long range and a pro version, I am looking for the router, the 2 options that I have are usg and the edgerouter X, all my house is wires cat 6 and I have a lot of connected appliance, over 45 clients. and we use 5 Netflix at time. we have 5 ip cameras concedes to a nvm over the network, I use shadow tech gaming so I need 60 mb for my gaming. which router will be good on speed and balancing loads?? I don’t need gesticulates networks or vlans. I do need firewall for the kids. if I get the USG do I need the cloud key??

I’d get an ER-X + PFSense box. ER-X can do upto 1Gbps WAN with hardware offloading, off, if I recall. ALso it has wizards for WAN loadbalancing and I think WAN failover.

You could also set the kids MAC addies using Cloud-flares specific DNS for kids :slight_smile:
Cloudflare DNS, blocking malware and adult content:

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

I know you said you dont need VLANs, but I’d def consider it due to 1) kids and 2) CCTV. If you have any IoT devices, those should def be on their own network.

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I would avoid using the USG as it is just not that fast of a device and very limited in features and it does not require a cloudkey, just the UniFi controller software to operate. You can run the contoller software on a cloudkey or a computer that you choose. The ER-X is a dated devices but for basic routing it should work.

@LTS_Tom in what ways / use cases is it dated?

Lack of native support for DNS over TLS, no options for DNS sinkhole, & no OpenVPN suport. While there are non-official ways to modify the device from the command line to hack together features, they may not survive upgrades.


If you don’t have something at home to run pfsense on then an SG1100 would be the obvious choice I think. Supports vlans if you decide to use them (would be a good idea), supports multi wan. I don’t know how it’s performance is but I’m fairly sure @LTS_Tom has done videos on it that will confirm throughput.