Home upgrade, pfSense 2.5.1

Hi all, so I’ve been working on upgrading my home network. I’ve added a Cambium Networks e600 AP, (I currently have it in test phase) this thing is cool! able to add multiple SSID’s, and VLAN’s. and a ton of other stuff, bit of a learning curve though! I’ve also purchased a Edge router 18X, waiting for delivery. So I have to put everything together, I would like a number of VLAN’s the first VLAN is for my security cameras, another VLAN for all the IoT devices, ie. lights, switches, thermostats, garage door opener, irrigation system, next a VLAN for guests, and lastly a VLAN for all the google stuff i.e. Chrome cast, and the likes. that VLAN will have access to the LAN for things like the printer and my NAS. All the VLAN’s with the exception of the last one only have access to the internet. Security is my main concern, any suggestions? I like pfSense, even though it has a leaning curve, but I’ve been using it for almost 3 years and it’s solid. I also considered opnSense and do have it running on a test machine, but documentation seem to be scarce. At one point I even considered Unifi, and the Dream Machine Pro, but then there was the security breach. But like I was saying earlier, I really like pfSense and most likely stick with it, unless someone has a compelling argument to switch. Lastly, pfSense is currently running on a QOTOM Q355G4 Mini PC - Core i5, AES-NI, 4 Intel LAN, been running for the last 6 months without a single hiccup. So any thoughts or suggestions, I’m pretty opened minded. Cheers

I prefer pfsense and I have a video here on how to build networks and separation with it between subnets/VLANS.

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Thanks Tom, I’ve watched a number of your videos thus far, great info. I have my current pfSense configured according to what you’ve said on your videos. Question, have you used any of the Cambium Networks products? The e600 might be overkill, but I’m attempting to get around using a mesh wireless system, and having the ability of covering my home (1,800 sq ft rancher + 330 sq ft patio). I currently have the e600 setup on my test network and it’s giving great coverage and speed.

Never really worked with them but the techs I have talked to that have seem to like them.

Hi again Tom, I decided to stay with pfSense, did a complete reinstall, installed the 16 port Edge Switch, and the Cambium Networks e600. If you haven’t already had a look at this AP, have a look. It was a bit of a steep learning curve (for me!), but in the end it was all worth it. So for my home network, I created 4 VLAN’s which includes one for ioT devices, another for cameras, and one for guests. The last one is for my personal stuff. Created rules so none of the VLAN’s can communicate except out onto the internet, I also enable arpwatch on three of the VLAN’s, so that I’ll know if anything is going on. The e600 allows multiple SSID’s and VLAN tagging, I’m no expert, but with good documentation (RTFM). There’s the ability to manage the AP locally or via their own cloud option, cnMaestro. My home is a 1,800 sq ft rancher, along with a 400+ sq ft attached garage and 330 sq ft covered patio area. the e600 covers the whole area including 4 wireless security cameras and 32 other iOT devices. Again, I’m not an expert but have a good working knowledge and love learning new technology. So after all said and done, I’m very happy, and gland that I stuck with pfSense, just way more information in regards to pfSense.