Home storage upgrade advice

Looking to upgrade my current setup and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Current setup:
-R710 2-X5670 and 48 Gig ram FreeNAS
3 4TB hard drives
-lenovo sa120 connected via SAS9200-8E
10 4TB
2 8TB

-R620 2-E5-2620 160Gig ram ESXI
Multiple VMS

Budget for equipment $400 (the storage is not included in this)

I am looking for a way to expand my storage. I need something that is kinda quiet (wife approval) and the lower the power usage the better.

Was looking at NETAPP DS4243 or NetApp DS4246 with 9202-16e or 9206-16e and remove the R710 and use the ESXI pass thru and upgrade the CPU’s.


Do a new server build with supermicro 4U BPN-SAS2-846EL1


Something else totally different.

You could go with something like this… It is a little bit over your budget but 12TB of additional storage.


There’s a lot of Xeon v2 stuff out there right now for a good price. You might be able to both upgrade your R620 and build a new storage box.

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The noise problem can be partially solved with fan profile in the bios on the dell. Have an R-610 close to desk and it helps mostly runs quite at this point basically for BU.

You say you want to upgrade your storage but don’t provide and direction. This would make any recommendation rather pointless. What is the use case? Are you having capacity issues? Performance issues?

What is the use case: File storage for emby, Surveillance, pictures, 5 iscsi targets (Game storage, Nextcloud, some docker images)
Are you having capacity issues: I am down to 1TB of free storage.
Performance issues: none as of right now

If you are running low of storage for me it would really come down to cost. Is it cheaper to add a HBA, Shelf and a bit more RAM or is it more cost effective to build another unit and move some of the data over.

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