Home Network with pfsense - Hardware Requirements (Please advise)

I have intentions of setting up a really basic network and firewall for my home setup.
My laptop is a Lenovo T495 (16GB ram 512SSD Ryzen 5 processor)…

My internet is FTTH 100GB DOWN AND 50GB UP.

In order to do the pfsense setup properly - what else would i need (and what do I not actually need) as per list below

  • intellinet-wireless-super-g-router-108-mbps-router-with-built-in-4-port-fast-ethernet-lan-switch-and-firewall/

  • netgear-5-port-smart-managed-plus-gigabit-ethernet-switch.-enable-network-configuration-and-management

  • flash drive

  • Intel compute stick (to run the software possibly - no network card though)

I’ll be grateful for any feedback re the hardware I bought to do this thing…

Don’t think pfSense will install on that router, it sounds like a consumer router with its own firmware.

Personally I would have bought a Pro switch Buy Netgear S350 8-Port Pro Switch | Netgear UK Store instead of a smart switch, you won’t be able to do LACP, SNMP and few other things.

Thanks pal - appreciate it - the one i’ve seen guys use on youtube isn’t available anywhere (Am in South Africa).

If you dont want to spend time screwing around and want something that just works I would get a Netgate router with pfSense. It’s worth it. This is what pfSense is tested on. Aside from that make sure you get a managed switch that can do VLANs. Not sure what you are aiming to do with the compute stick.