Home network upgrade opinions needed


I’m thinking of upgrading home network to 10Gb.
Currently I have dell wyse 5070 extended as pfSense box (pentium silver J5005), Unifi 24 1G switch and 1 Unifi WIFI 6 AP. Every device is connected to switch nothing directly to pfSense. WAN connection is 200Mbps. I have LAN interface and 3 VLANs. Some of devices I have already have more then 1Gb NIC so it would be nice to have 10Gb network.
I was thinking to get new 10Gb NIC for my pfSense box and L2 10 GB switch, so I can connect devices to it which have more than 1Gb NIC (some have 2.5 and some 10) and devices that have 1GB NIC will stay on existing switch. Devices are in different VLANs so first worry is if j5005 is good enough for 10 Gb routing.
I would add new switch between pfSense and existing switch.

Other option is to buy L3 10 GB switch, but that is much more work and I’m not sure which one to buy for that option.

So what do you think, will first option be ok or should I go with L3 10 GB switch?

In my opinion if you are going to use a L3 switch then pfsense will be irrelevant and worthless to you.

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