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This is my current rack setup. I know, I know I have dust issues. Please don’t judge me.

I purchased Unifi UDM-Pro this past weekend and it it finally delivered. I am trying to figure out where to add into the rack. My UPS is currently on the floor. I am also planning on upgrading my Synology DS1513+ to the Synology 1821+.

However, I realized that when I do these upgrades, the Synology 1821+ will need a separate shelf on its own (or go on top of the rack). I received recommendations that I should look into a rack mount ups (instead of the one on the floor) and I should look into a fan as well. Another recommended that I should just buy a rack mount NAS instead of the DS. So then I started looking at the RS1221+

Here are the options I see and would love to get some feedback for idea bouncing.

  • Option 1 - Keep my current rack, add the UDM-Pro (somewhere), add the DS1821+ at the top.
  • Option 2 - Keep my current rack, add the UDM-Pro, buy the RS1221+ instead.
  • Option 3 - Get a new rack (21U), provides enough room for everything, and I can put each DS1513+ and DS1821+ on separate shelves
  • Option 4 - Keep current rack, purchase another 12U rack and put it underneath the current rack (or next to it)

Use Cases for my current NAS

  • file server
  • media sharing
  • family device initial backup


  • rack sits 2 feet away from my desk in the closet.
  • I thought about putting it in the garage but would require tons of re-wiring.


Personally I’d say a patch panel is useful, it looks like you have a bunch of ethernet cables holding on for dear life. The patch panel will minimise the grief you have as you tie down your cables, so very little chance of something messing up. It does add cost.

hi @neogrid I do have a patch panel, it’s underneath the poe switch that’s where they are holding on to for dear life haha

Option 3 then, you can never have too much space ! Plus you then have more room to tidy up your cables :slight_smile:

Though if you buy a new cabinet, decide on the depth you want as it will limit any servers at al that you may later want to put in !

Have a floor standing cabinet, I miscalculated the depth as I use the back space to run my cables up to my patch panel.

@neogrid I am limited for the depth. My current one is 16.5 inches in depth. I think the max depth I can go to is like 19” because it’s in bedroom closet…unless I move it to the garage…

Not sure on imperial measures but if you decide you want a homelab running on a cheap desktop box then you might suddenly find with the power cords jutting out the back you are really restricted.

Obviously you can just run a pair of cables from your switch to the garage to break out your rack so to speak.

LOL sounds like you will have a summer project coming up !

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