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I set up openvpn finally thanks to Tom’s videos. I have registered a domain before, and I know not having a static IP i need to be able to update my DNS entry. I know there are paid services for dyndns, but I was wondering if there are opensource or free services that are able to be trusted. I am running pfsense and if there is a solution for this, or something that didn’t cross my mind in the slightest; your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

https://www.noip.com/free has a free version and supported in pfsense

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thank you for this. just what i was looking for

In case you want to use your own domain for dynamic DNS, you need a DNS hosting provider (which can be different from your domain registrar) who exposes an API to update DNS entries. For example, I register my domains with Namecheap but use Cloudflare’s free DNS plan, which I find excellent. It’s highly customizable (in the sense that they don’t have weird, unnecessary limitations when it comes to creating records) and their API is super simple to use. It’s also supported directly inside pfSense (both IPv4 and IPv6).

Use cloudflare (free) and pfsense built in dyndns (free) to do this. Since you own your own domain just move from whoever you purchased it from over to cloudflare for your Name Server.

So using www.noip.com/free does the exact same thing as dynDNS?

I’ve been using https://dyn.com and it sounds like I’ve been wasting my money! :frowning:

I know this is an old thread but you can also use Cloudflare for free, that’s what I use!

Correct, if you own your own domain and you use something like Cloudflare’s DNS you do not need to pay for a Dynamic DNS. pfSense has it built in and anytime your IP changes by you or your service provider it will automatically update your DNS at Cloudflare. All free.

Just for a sanity check, if i am redirecting from from the domain to the dyndns site i shouldnt need a tls cert for a vpn right? OpenVPN will establish an encrypted tunnel to my pfsense. If I am missing something please let me know.