Home Dns with Unifi USG and Freenas

I have a few services running on my freenas (plex, sab, …)

I wanted to know if is possible to setup dns for them, also setting up https using letsencrypt.

My current setup uses a Unifi USG as the firewall for my network, and a freenas box.

The DNS is done externally for hostnames and you can get a wildcard cert from Let’s Encrypt. I have a video on how to do it with pfsense, but the USG does not support HAProxy but you could build a separate server for that. I don’t have a tutorial on it, but there are plenty of them out there.

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You could set up a reverse proxy like caddy2/nginx/apache in a separate jail and have it get you the certs. Currently I have set up multiple A records for each service in my DNS provider account, but I intend to switch over to using a wildcard cert and then use the same cert for all the LAN services.