High CPU usage with pfsense + 22.05 > and PFBlockerNG-DEV (latest)

I was suffering from very high CPU usage on my new pfsense box with pfsense 22.05 and later updated to the latest dev release… The effect was the same…

As a reference… before my cpu was going between 12-25% constantly almost… After the fix… it stays at between 2-4% with the occasional spike ofc… I’m using unbound-python mode now btw, before with just unbound it was even worse. The reason cpu usage matters is that I’m using a fanless box which is running pretty hot under load.

this seems to fix it for me:

It’s a 1 character change in one of the files… You can make the changes via the diagnostics > edit file option in pfsense.

Make sure to stop PFBlocker before you make the change… And start, reload all when you are done.

Figured I’d post this in case anyone else was having this issue.