High CPU firewall logs compression causing high CPU

Hi, Everyone.

I hope you can help me with my issue. I have pfsense and on the dashboard it is showing 100% CPU utilization and it is not going away. I perform “top -aSH” and below is the screenshot of the result

which shows 3 insstance “bzip2 -f /var/log/filter” and 1 instance of “/usr/local/sbin/filterlog” are all running at 67%.

I have tried the following to try to fix this:

  1. reset log files
  2. restart pfsense
  3. turn off the system log daemon
  4. disable send logs to remote syslog server
  5. Increase log rotation count to 15

But none work, any suggestion that may help fix this issue?

Device information:
Pfsense is installed in a protectli box and using 250 GB of SSD drive and using pfsense+ 22.01

Hi, Everyone.

Just updating this, I have figured out the issue. The issue was triggered by the logs generated by pfblocker DoH blocking. I have enabled the logging for this, after disabling it. The CPU utilization has subsided