High Available Storage for VMs Discussion

I’m searching for a way to diy a high available Storage System for VM Storage.

There are some options which i read about but i cant make a decision.

I’m looking for a 2 Node HA Setup to feed Hypervisors like ESXI or XCP-NG.

The ability to expand to 3 or more Storage Nodes and/or grow the existing Nodes (add Drives) would be great.

Does anyone got examples, Pros/Cons and performance comparison?

DRBD - Version 9 supports more than 2 Nodes - can you expand later from a 2 Node cluster?
Ceph - have to use ISCSI GW for ESXI like Hypervisors
Glusterfs - Easy to implement
HALizard - only 2 Node? - but installed directly on Hypervisor
Starwinds Vsan - windows based - so inside Hyper-V or inside a VM (Overhead?)

Are there any distros which bundle things like this to an “click through the wizard” package?

I know there are things like Truenas - but i dont want to pay for support or their hardware.

Playing with this myself at the moment with FreeBSD + HAST, https://www.freebsd.org/doc/handbook/disks-hast.html