Hide/Undetected PfSense

Hi all,

just a stupid question but I need to know if is possible,

Anyone have any clue if we can hide a pfSense firewall in the next scenario ?!

Internet (WAN) in regular Router - and from that Router is shared with some internal Computers/CCTV/VoIP. What I want is to connect to that Router with a pfSense box and I will have another IP class for example for LAN, and pfSense WAN will be

And now I want somehow from or another VLANs my pfSense box to be undetected if someone tries any Network Tools to search the alive IPs and to be restricted via HTTP/HTTPS access to the pfSense.


you can turn off ping on the WAN, but the traffic that flows across the network from to can still be viewed

Question what is the importance of trying to have it undetected? Is there a deeper purpose other than curiosity?