Hi I'm Pete, new here - All UniFi and sniffing pfSense

Hello all,
Thought as a first post I’d introduce myself, but didn’t see an appropriate section.

I’m Pete, enthusiast home user. I discovered UniFi when I had lots of issues with my standard ISP modem/router and AirPort Extreme access points.

  • Feb 2019: deployed new All-UniFi home network: USG 3P + 3 8p switches + 3 AP’s

  • Inintially I used all default settings, no VLANs, IPS, whatever

  • All issues were solved!

  • Pulled wired ethernet through the home and learned how to connect cat 6a wiring and plugs

  • Jun 2020: Started to learn some more advanced networking during Corona summer, mostly basics and VLANs, L2/L3 routing. I played lots of videos made by Tom but also by Chris (crosstalk solutions)

  • Oct 2020: now complete network with

  • USG 3P

  • Cloud Key gen2+

  • 6 VLANs + some granular FW rules

  • 6 switches

  • 6 AP’s

  • 4 G3 Flex cameras

  • and lots of wiring through the house

I enjoy learning about networking more than I would have thought. Next steps for me (wish list):

  • 10GbE networking
  • More powerful routing (USG 3P has its limits)
  • Looking at pfSense firewall, just to try it out