Help with XCP-ng VM Migration between two standalone hosts

I am unable to choose my bonded connection to migrate VMs between two standalone hosts. The hosts each have a local NVMe SR set up. I am using XO from the sources VM but I have also tried via XCP-ng Center but neither list the LAGG as available to use for the migrations. The link is fine and working as far as I can tell. I would appreciate any and all help.

Can you see if you can set the default migration on the pool level? Navigate to Home>Pool>Select pool>Advanced and scroll to the bottom.

There is no default migration network; however, when I tried to choose one the LAGG is not there. The hosts are both independent (not in pools). Even when migrating from the VMs page it won’t show the LAGG as an option.

You have to have the LAGG created on both hosts pools in order to utilize the LAGG.

The LAGG is present on both hosts even using the same network ports (eth4, eth5).