Help with vlans

I’m looking for assistance with understanding the following…

Unifi edge switch is the main switch.

My network currently has the default vlan 1 and dhcp being taken care of by windows server. If I begin to setup vlans as, what (if anything) would happen to the exiting dhcp setup on the server? My understanding is that I would therefore have 2 dhcp servers, sort of like if the basic ISP router and windows server both handled dhcp, correct.?

What is best practice going forward?

Also we currently have a sonicwall firewall that limits the number of VPN clients we can have, not connections one time but total.


You just need to create a second DHCP scope on your Windows DHCP server and on any new vlan’s you create you need to add IP helper that points to the windows DHCP server.

For each VLAN you need a DCHP server or DHCP scope that will offer IP addresses in that VLAN.

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Also if I create 2 vlans on the spot to say split my regular computers and student lab computers, I’d tag the regular computer ports to the primary vlan and then tag the computer ports to the lab vlan?

Yes, add the VLAN ID to the port you want to be on that VLAN/