Help with VLAN's for IOT and NOT (network of things)

Hi All,

I have a unifi system with a USG. I have configured my VLAN’s and working on my rules. I have a bunch of Kasa smart switches and had them on my NOT VLAN. I had to restart my In Wall HD and when I did had to reconnect my switches. Now, after the restart, my SSID of OfficeNOT cannot connect to the internet through the VLAN NOT. While there are other SSID’s that are connecting to the internet and I am able to see and control the switches on those SSID’s. I do not know what happened when I restarted the IN Wall HD that the VLAN on that access point will not connect to the internet, but will with other access points. Any help you all can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Make sure each UniFi switch has the downstream set to “All” that connect to the In-wall AP’s and that you still have the proper rules in the USG for those networks to work.

Hi Tom, Great to hear some advice from the best. If I understand you correctly, my In Wall AC HD is wired into port 10 of my Unifi Switch, click the switch in the controller, then in the window, click “ports,” click port 10, then “Port Profile” then "all. If that is what you are telling me to do, it seemed to work.

WIth port profile set to “all” I understand that to mean all wired traffic will be able to go to my In Wall AC HD? Will that allow me to block my NOT VLAN from internet traffic?

Thanks again.


Is “All” means like a trunk link?

Yes, ALL is the same as “Trunk” and you break out the VLANs at the SSID level and control their access via the firewall rules.