Help with Surveillance system setup using Synology NAS

Trying to upgrade my home network system. I am using a Synology NAS DS920+, and looking to upgrade my Amcrest NVR to Hikvision.

I have found this DIY

But, I have no interest in using Ubiquiti. Would rather just use something like Cisco switches. Just not sure if I need managed switches and other POE switch.

I have Wink Hub for home automation of lights and stuff.

And using a regular Netgear Wifi Router, wifi is not an issue or a priority in my house. I have everything wired for TVs and offices.

So, I am new on this group, so looking for a thread that could give me some ideas.

Thanks in advance

If you want to create separate VLANs/Subnets then you need a managed switch.

Well you can easily put your cams on the same network that you already have perhaps add a poe switch for power (unmanaged). That’s with the kit you have. It will work.

If you setup pfSense with a managed switch you can implement vlans, with the cams on their own network, they are a but dodgy with dialling out to their vendor or somewhere. So sticking it on an isolated vlan is generally a good idea.

If your knowledge it not there with pfsense and vlans, stick everything on the same network.