Help with selecting the right UniFi switch

I’m buying a new UniFi switch (my first UniFi switch) and I can’t decide between these two:

  1. UniFi Switch 16 PoE (SKU: USW-16-PoE-EU)
  2. UniFi Switch 16 PoE (150W) (SKU: US-16-150W-EU)

The price is the same for both.

From what I can see the major difference is that the 1st one has only 8 POE ports, while the 2nd one has all 16 POE ports.
Is there any other major difference between the two?

At the moment I only need 4 POE ports for the Unifi AccessPoints, but I might expand that to 6 if needed.

Many thanks for your assistance.

The USW-16-PoE-EU is the newer version with better airflow. Go with that one unless you will have a need for 16 POE ports in the future.

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Thank you Tom! I’ve ordered it and I hope it arrives soon.

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