Help with router choice

i have a standard UK bt router problem or smart hub 2 keep failing or wifi drop out on 1 was straight smoking ,

I am in the uk with FTTP with outreach bought though bt current line speed 330mbps and in the middle of going to 900mbps , i am looking a good router around 300 pounds ! anyone know a good one to buy i am lost in this minefield.

i live in a old brick house small to middle size and any help would be very helpfully and i know very little about network router,wiring etc total Noob

sorry if it is a hard read i am dislexic as all hell

Wow those are crazy fast speeds the monthly cost must be stinging!

I’ve used all the below, they all allow you to set up 2 OpenVPN Servers and 5 clients.
Asus RT-AC3200

They need to be connected to a modem I use the one below, you probably can use your current modem if you have one.
DrayTek Vigor 130

The above setup worked well for me for several years, you can also flash Merlin firmware on them.

Wifi will almost certainly be crappy unless you can get an access point in the centre and top of your house.

I’ve also used Linksys WRT routers but they were flashed with OpenWRT, that would take some effort to get familiar with.

If you are thinking about PfSense you need to budget for time+modem+pfsense box+switch+access point. That will cost more than 300 quid, but if you are new to networking and need a solution now, you’d need to be lucky to get it all working immediately.

If you are smart you could buy a router, get familiar with PfSense in a Virtual Machine, then use the router as an access point (but it won’t have multiple SSIDs).

Netgear Nighthawk AC2300 is an excellent router. I have install a few of these at friends houses. Coverage is about 1500 to 2000 Sq feet. (Pending where you put the router).

Current cost is 60 pounds a month , i was looking at Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine but i did not Know what to do