Help with isolating VM network

Hi all.

I have some public game servers and i want to move them into separate VM’s (XCP-NG) and separate them from the main LAN but still be accessible from the internet. The only issue is the “server”(consumer stuff) only has the single integrated NIC on the mobo. Im still a novice in these advanced stuff so i have no idea how could i make this happen so i would appriciate any help. I have a custom built pfsense router and 2 tplink managed L2 switches

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: .

You only need once single NIC and a smart/managed switch that supports VLANS in XCP-NG. I have a video on how VLANs work with Xenserver here:

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Thanks, ill watch it after i sorted out the install problem( i was hoping it wont have any but the installer hangs on a black screen, already posted on their forums)…

The boot issue is a bug, ill post it just in case someone else runs into this:

It worked, thx :slight_smile: .