Help setting up a AT&T fiber with Ciena۪s 3930

I have a new fiber going to a USG-Pro-4 with a local cloud key. “I did not buy this, it is what they had”.

AT&T gave me this:
IPv4 WAN IP Address: 12.88.NNN.92
IPv4 CR IP Address: 12.88.NNN.94
IPv4 AR IP Address: 12.88.NNN.93
IPv4 WAN Subnet:

Routing : Static
IPv4 Default Gateway: 12.88.NNN.93

LAN Information
IPv4 WAN IP Address: 12.97.NN.0
IPv4 Subnet Mask:
IPv4 Usable IP: 5

Told me to use on my WAN interface. I have internet service but I am not able to forward any port, ping from outside world, setup ddns service. I am thinking that I am double NATed or that I should be using one of the static WAN addresses 12.97.NN.N . Talking to AT&T for hours and a little useless. They can see the USG on their interface. I can not see it from the outside. Anything coming from inside of the network works but nothing from the outside.

Thank for any help…

Why do you have public IP’s for your LAN interface?