Help Please Unifi

Hello. I am in the process of researching for my ultimate home network build.I am leaning toward unifi because I already have an access point and love the idea of having everything in one UI. I just have a question that I cannot seam not find a clear answer on.

I would like to rack mount everything and would like to get the USG 4 PRO. But I have a 300 meg down connection and some people are saying the pro can only do tip to 250 meg down. I can not see how this can be the case.

We don’t usually use the USG firewalls so I don’t have much real world data, but if you are going to use the IPS/IDS system my understanding is that is maxes out at 250MB with that enabled.

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When I used a USG Pro, I could still hit 300 Mbps with IPS enabled.


Better off going with pfSense

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