HELP needed with MDT + WDS deployment

Hi all,

Maybe one of you can help me out here.

We try to use an old solution what should be fine for this amount of end-users.

MDT in combination with WDS.

So i have installed MDT + update i think the correct one from microsoft website. Installed via roles WDS. Configured it and now it is active.

But when i create an IMAGE in MDT + task sequence and i load the boot in WDS it does not run.
For example:

We have now also Lenovo X390 so i created folders names Lenovo - X390 series, put all the MDT drivers from Lenovo in that folder. Created a advanced profile etc. But each time when i try to boot an X390 laptop via PXE boot it comes to the first step. But then nothing is happening.

When i boot an older version T480 for example then it comes a step further. Really strange

someone can help me out?


Not really an answer to your question but for smaller installs I went to using a hand made image deployed via clonezilla. You can run a clonezilla server and do multicast or network boot it and mount the image share. Granted you don’t get some of the bells and whistles you get with WDS but it also just seems to work…

I use WDS at work and have some knowledge about it, but not a lot. When you say it doesn’t boot, are you talking about the initial connection ofthe computer to the WDS server when you set up and transfer the image? Or are you talking about after the image is transferred to the computer and it reboots to start the OS?

I haven’t used MDT in a very long time, and then I never really got the results that I wanted. I expect this was from lack of knowledge.

I do notice that you highlighted the drivers from that computer. Not very efficient, but I have good luck “baking” the drivers into my images. Search for “persist all drivers” and you’ll find the info that needs to be changed to do this, just a single line in the registry that needs to be added or edited. In theory you can inject some drives into the boot image in WDS, but I’ve onl had luck using those to get the installer booted (Windows PE).