Help me find transformer for UniFi doorbell?

Hi everyone. I recently got my hands on one of UniFi’s doorbells and so far I’m really enjoying it. I currently have it connected using a wall adapter and while it works fine, it means I’m unable to use my chimebox (and it looks a little sketchy).

I’m terrible when it comes to electrical knowledge and could use some advice. I know what I need is a more powerful transformer for the chimebox (which seems relatively un-intimidating to install) but I don’t know which one I should be getting (voltage, vac and all that stuff). Would someone be willing to send me a definitive amzn link to what I need? I don’t want to burn my house down…

Thank you so much.

Easy to install and most home depot locations have them so you can just grab one today.

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Thank you so much @thedobe !

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