Help installing Unifi Controller on Debian 10

Hello Lawrence,

I got old PC that I loaded Raspberry Pi OS desktop on. I am looking to use this as my Unif Network Controller, Pi-Hole and maybe have VPN working on. TBH. This is my first hand with Linux and I am totally out of my comfort zone!

I am struggling to get the Unifi Network Controller installed. Although I have downloaded the app on the Unifi site, ran Sudo -i to install the file, and got a prompt saying Java is not present. I’m even having a hard time install Java.

I am not sure if it’s because I am doing all this through the GUI interface and not SSH? Are there any documentation you could share to guide me through this?

Thank you,

You can try this site that has a tutorial

I have not tried it but a few have said this script is helpul

@LTS_Tom can vouch for the setup script from Glenn R. Have been using this bash script for production systems for about 3 or 4 years now. Works well and has an update script too. Controller setup and update on many popular Linux distros including Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and others

Home page is here

UniFi Forums post here