(help) Any other TrueNAS scale testers here?

Since BETA 2 (and now RC1), I’ve had issues when accessing a local service directly on my TuesNAS Scale server over a routed IP ( >, but on the same subnet no problems ( > The service becomes unresponsive after about a minute and then I have to reconnect / refresh. I’ve observed this behavior in HTTPS/SMB/NFS/SSH. I expect iSCSI would have this issue, but can’t be bothered to test since the big 4 experience this issue anyway.

However here’s the kicker, I can ping through a gateway all day (granted not TCP and not a state so it is different) and I can access a container (nextcloud) hosted on TuesNAS scale through a gateway, without any issue. My gut tells me, it’s definitely something in the network stack of Scale that’s not happy about something going on.

My gateway/firewall is pfsense, and pretty much default - so it /should/ not be closing states at specific intervals. No other service between subnets is impacted, only those hosted directly on TuesNAS scale.

    • and yes I did create a bug report, just curious if I’m alone on this island (is it a me problem or Scale problem)


I am not using TrueNAS scale but just the regular one, and I have notice that my SMB shares takes time to become accessible after some period. Like there is a refresh of something going on that take 10-20sec to ‘activate’. Once the connection is refreshed, everything works fine. I have issues with Windows machines and Linux machines accessing the same SMB share.