Hello Mate,

I have one HDD that is flasing amber for our HPE PROLIANT ML350 GEN9. can i just

change the HDD is it will be okay? We have windows server 2008 R2 as software.

Do you known if this server has a HP Raid card (most will be supplied with one)

Do you known how your hard drives are configured ? Raid 1 , 5 etc

The faulty hard drive is a member of what array ?.,

On the server run ‘Smart Storage Administrator’ and this will tell you what array the faulty drive is included in

If the drive is part of an array, you can just swap it and it will rebuild it

If unsure and you have warranty on the unit, ring HP Enterprise support who will help you

I already run the Smart storage administrator please see below,

our server is hot swappable right. its okay to plug it out and plug the new one. without shutting down the server?

Yes, the server will be hot swappable.

Just may sure you get 1.2TB SAS Hard drive (or bigger)

Before replacing the drive, I would remove the faulty drive and plug it back in to see if this resolves the issue.

yes i have the same. but im a little bit nervous. it’s my first time to swap.