HBA 310 and SAS Hard Drive recommended

I have a Dell T110 II and have a HBA 310 in IT mode and I am looking for some SAS hard drives to attach to this controller, I am looking on Ebay for SAS, 6-8tb drives and I am seeing a lot of these drives as 12gb and I think this controller only works up to 6GB . So what would happen if I attached a 8tb SAS drive listed at 12gb and not 6gb, would that drive still work at the 6gb speeds and work without any problems and later I could move that drive to a controller that is a 12gb controller.

I am wondering what hard drives others with the HBA310 in IT for TrueNas Scale or Core?

I just want to know what drives to use and what drives to stay away from so I can effectively run TrueNas Scale in my home lab.

I am not sure if they are backward compatible, not something that I have tested.

ok thanks, I appreciate your response. Jim

If those drives are spinning disks I don’t think the 6GB on the HBA is going to be a bottleneck. The only time I would think there is a benefit for upgrading the HBA is if you are close to maxing out the number of drives it supports or you upgrade to SSDs.

SATA drives should also work, might save you some money.

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Thank you Greg, I was thinking about that and I have added 2 sata drives and they are working fine on the controller card. Thanks again Jim

Thanks Fred, I ordered a 12gb SAS 8TB drive from Ebay and will try it out. thanks again.