Have you thought about joining Floatplane

Title says it all, wondering if you have thought about joining floatplane.

I applied a long time ago, they never got back with me. Perhaps I should try again.


I would think LBRY/Odyssy would be a better choice at this point. And with Tom’s videos, there really isn’t anything that youtube can object to, no music, no politics, only freely available (fair use) content is included, or all material is created by Tom.

So I don’t see the upside to floatplane for his channel, am I missing a reason?

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Floaplane offers another place to post and monetize the videos. Linus also seems to have a rational business model around it.


Would be very pog if you joined floatplane and i would probably sub as would many other people here.


Applied and Denied

Confused… I guess they feel that you do not have a “devoted audience” that will follow you over there.

Mirroring things on LBRY might make sense EEVblog is making a pretty good go over there and keeping YT going as well. Not sure if he is just mirroring everything, or if releases happen on one before the other. He made a video about it and mentions how he is doing on there every once in a while. Assuming things are still automatic for the mirroring, there isn’t much work to be done.