Have two 5G modems need help picking a router/firewall and switch

preface, im a bit of a noob but would like to learn.

So i got a good deal from my telco which allows me to have two 5G modems (which currently get 500 mbps but I will hopefully be getting an aerial to boost the signal which will give 1000+mbps on each modem).

Right now I have an Asus GT AX 11000.The asus does dual wan and I have it set so certain devices use modem A and the other devices use modem B based on their static ips.

Im looking to upgrade and Ive been eyeing some pfsense netgate stuff and since I have an enclosure I prefer rackmounted stuff for ease although I have a few shelves in the enclosure.

I will need at least some 2.5G ports, that much I know but im pretty much at a loss for everything else.

Should i get the netgate 6100 (seems to be better than the 7100 1u when it comes to ports) and could it do what my asus does (dual wan with specific devices set to use a specific modem).

Also what switch should I get to complement this? Im also looking for some wireless APs and i heard some good stuff about the ubiquiti APs but sadly ubiquiti doesnt support dual wan with policy routing and they seem to have some QC/software issues (hence why im looking at pfsense)…

I was thinking of the netgate 6100 base + a mikrotik CRS312-4C+8XG-RM switch and some wireless APs from ubiquiti or something else.

Im open to all suggestions and your help would be highly appreciated.

The Netgate 6100 firewall/router, the MikroTik CRS switch (running SwOS, if you run RouterOS and configure anything that uses the CPU instead of the switching ASIC, your throughput will be cut by a factor of like 100), and unifi APs is a very good setup.

thanks a lot for the reply. is anything needed to configure the unifi APs, im unfamiliar with their system but i understand that some of their hardware requires some cloud key or something like that

You will have to watch Tom’s videos on configuring Unifi…
You either need a Unifi Controller, or Unifi app on a mobile device. I run unifi controllers on Raspberry Pis all the time.