Have to restart device to get it on network, but may be switch

I have 3 non-PC devices on a simple switch that have hard coded IP addresses. Usually, when they are powered up they can quickly be controlled through their web interfaces from a PC on a smart switch. As of a few weeks ago 1 of the devices needs to be powered off/on a second time before the web interface can be used. Yesterday, it needed to be restarted 5 times. Note that waiting 15 minutes for it to “just get better” does not seem to work, and it always requires a restart.

The simple switch and smart switch have a direct ethernet cable. They are not going through another switch.

The problem device only allows for the IP address and subnet mask to be configured. There is no setting for default gateway.

Suggestions for troubleshooting and ideas for possible cause?

When in the problem state, the problem device also does not respond to a PING from the PC.

The only network-related issue I can think of, that could cause a similar effect, would be an IP conflict. Meaning another device in your network is using the same IP address as the device in question.

But honestly, I don’t think this issue is related to your network setup, but rather an issue with said device.

Thanks for the thoughts. I’m checking with the vendor and they don’t expect that it’s a device issue as that’s not reported.

Thought the ping test would indicate that no other device is using the address.

Not sure what to do next, but likely will swap out the network cable. If that doesn’t work will test with all the devices on the same switch.

Replacing the network cable seems to fix it.

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