Have static WAN IPs - want to use pfSense to assign them to clients

I have access to static IP’s from our ISP. I want to use pfSense to assign the WAN static IP’s directly to some devices. The devices with the WAN addresses assigned to them don’t need to be able to access any of the LAN devices. Would prefer to assign the static IP by mac address. Thoughts on how best to accomplish this?

I am not sure exactly what your goal is, but it can be done.

Hey Tom - really appreciate the videos. They help in a huge way.

It’s for a friend’s multi-unit residential building. Internet is part of the lease he offers. Everything is running off a 1g symmetrical fiber line. Looking to supply tenants with internet in a way where we can manage any DMCA notices. So, looking to supply them with a router assigned with a WAN IP.

Maybe this is beyond the scope of what you might be able to help with via forum - figured I’d see if it was simple and I was just missing something.

It’s not really something we see many requests for. Most people would just assign all the addresses to the pfsense and then create LAN interfaces for each tenant. I think there are ways to do it though: