Hardware Suggestion Choosing a 10GbE Switch

Currently I have a

  • D-Link DXS-1210-12SC
    12-port SFP+ 10GbE Switch

Am I wrong to think that SFP28 is ‘more efficient’ of a protocol…?

There’s a ‘Top of Rack’ Switch that I was thinking of getting …


Also, does anyone know if this model is loud…?

I can’t find ANY information online from anyone … but the specifications look good.

Anyone have any suggestions…?

I wouldn’t say SFP28 is more efficient, but it is what allows 25Gb speeds. How much is the switch?

which one…? The SFP28…? Around 500 bucks I think. But I also don’t understand what the heck “Top of Rack” means relative to a SOHO use…? Do you have a simple means to explain that phrase…?


Top of rack is for a data center application. If you have multiple racks you would generally put two switches in the top of each rack and connect all your devices to those two switches. Then you connect all your top of rack switches to a pair of core switches, usually with faster ports. So if you have 10Gbit connections in your top of rack, you would use 40Gbit connections for your uplinks to the core switches. In your case, a single switch should be fine.

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The price of the switch is pretty good considering the port count.