Hardware recommendation for XCP-NG

Hey everyone,

I’m looking to run around 8 VMs in production and 4 VMs on and off for testing. I’m looking at a Dell PowerEdge R620, 2x 2.9GHz 8Core E5-2690 with 64 GB RAM. Can the CPU run xcp-ng?


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It should be fine, but to be sure, you should reference the XCP-NG hardware compatibility list.


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Isn’t the r620 is a bit old, will it run the E5-26xx v4 processors? The data sheet only listed E5-2600 family, but that includes the old v2 series. v4 will give you some performance increases over v2. It also doesn’t look like the r620 is a current product, running old stuff (and used stuff) in production is not really recommended.

As too will it run, currently I have the latest XCP-NG running on older hardware and it seems to be fine (x5660 processors). How long I can run this is unknown but currently working. I would suggest more RAM if you can afford it, 4GB per VM minimum these days (my minimum) and likely 8GB for Windows VM’s.

Will it run, almost certainly.

Will it cope, depends on the workload!
If you are running 8 web servers that get 1 hit a day then yeah.
If you are running 8 RDP servers hosting people running video rendering, no hope.

I hate trying to work out what is required processor wise for servers. Until you have the load on the system and some history to work with you are going to struggle to know.

Someone might have a brilliant fool proof way of working it out but I for one am never sure.

I run my test lab on an ML350 G6 with two E5504 @ 2ghz processors (cpu bench 1529) and that runs a few vm’s ok (XOA, unifi, unifi video, pfsense, owncloud, a couple of windows 10 images). It’s slow but I think that’s the disks not the processor. Your E5-2690 with a cpu bench of 13k would eat this alive… but it is only a test system

Thanks to @Manipulate, @Greg_E, & @garethw! Your input was very much useful.

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