Hardware help. Pfsense Amazon box?

I’ve been using edge router 4s for smaller event networks for the past few years and I did buy a big netgate box for like 3k and it’s been working great but it’s a big box and every event I do doesn’t exactly need all that horse powers and it’s kind of an overkill setup for most of the smaller events where the edge router 4 fit perfect. But I want to just use pfsense more. I was considering this box. But what I need it to be able to do is handle dhcp for about 1k devices and gig internet connections. I’d be adding the 16 gig of ram stick as well. Anyone ever used this box?

Have a look at 4x 2.5GbE Intel J4125 Firewall that Finally Works with pfSense! - YouTube

There are a number of folks on STH forums that have buying 2.5GbE appliances direct from China. They have had nothing but stability and thermal problems. Make sure you read reviews before taking a chance on one of these devices.

Personally, I would stick with either an appliance from https://www.netgate.com or https://protectli.com That way you get some sort of US based warranty and customer support.

If you need 2.5GbE, Protectli has a new 6 port vault. https://protectli.com/product/vp4630/

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The Protectli has a history of working, not so much these other devices. If you really want stable, then buy some sort of decent PC and decent Intel card. I know, cost is a factor.

If size is a factor, a used HP T620 Plus with an Intel card installed is a good choice. I’m told the HP T730 is also a good choice but I have not used it yet, supposed to have a single PCIe slot to add a card.

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Really like that Protectli device but totally sucks the power plug is on the front of the device. I like rack mounting my Protectli’s with custom 3D printed mount and putting power plug in the front – yuck.

Don’t like the COTS solutions, you are more then welcome to design or build your own, or take a chance on one of the [redacted] devices direct out of China.

I built a Fitlet2. Israeli made, Intel cards. No 2.5gb/s, but then again, my network is nowhere near 2.5gb ready.