Hardware Encrypted Thumbdrive

I’m looking at getting myself a hardware level encrypted Thumb Drive. I saw this 32 Gb Drive on Amazon and wanted to get your input on this company/device and the security thereof.

32 GB INOPPLOUS Encrypted Thumb Drive

Also seen an Netac 1TB for $99 looks like a great deal but same wanting input as far as the quality and security of the brand.

Netac 1TB External HDD

I don’t trust the hardware encrypted, I just us standard ones with LUKS encryption.

On the Windows Side have you ever used VeraCrypt? It’s a variant of TrueCrypt.

I have not, but I have heard it works well.

I use veracrypt containers. Mainly as a data storage for end users accessible via smb. This eliminates the threat vector on the NAS, which in case of compromise never has decrypted data that is in the container and their decryption is only and exclusively on the user’s machine.
I haven’t had any problems so far. Set a good password and key file and it should be secure.