Hard transtion from inhouse helpdesk to MSP services

Good afternoon all

I’d like to receive inputs on the key issues when doing a hard transition from internal helpdesk to a MSP.

Our client’s main concern is data integrity and business continuity. Client is a Law firm that has an application and a database with hundreds of thousands of highly sensitive data regarding individual people’s social security numbers and related data.

For hard transition I mean that all inhouse technicians will be fired on the same day we take on their former responsibilities.

Aside from having all passwords, key pairs and external access revoked for these technicians, what else do you guys think are key points to have covered before and items to pay attention to after the transition.

Sorry for the long explanation, but I though these were necessary for the scenario comprehension.


Scan every system and make sure none of the former admins still have access. Review and verify all the documentation update it as needed.

Worked in a department that had done the same thing for their Cryptography helpdesk.

It was painful, the new guys guys did not receive sufficient training, documentation was of poor quality, the handover process was unmanaged.

Ultimately the support requests ended up with the project teams, which caused delays in delivery, the anticipated savings never materialised, other staff had to do more.

You need to ensure absolutely everything is documented, if you do not already have a baseline for what this should be then it will be tough.

Thanks guys.

The main problem will be documentation, they have none. Probably I’ll have to add this to the proposal as an extra service to be charged for.

Tks again