HAPROXY SSL offloading

Hi there, I pretty much follow Tom’s guides for everything. 4 instances 1. Truesnas 2. Plex 3. Syncthing 4. Next Cloud… All on the same Internal IP. HAPROXY installed, Certs issued… Back and Front ends filled in (that sounds dodgy). HAPROXY still won’t start, so I’m assuming its my rules breaking it? I’ve set 443 & 80 to pass, but nothing? I assume the instances should be able to connect via FQDN but they don’t do that either. Obviously I want the NAS hidden, but connected and the other 3 open to the net I assume?. Followed the guide & the troubleshooting guide so it must be the rules… Some Help, pretty please!!

Can’t help without any logs of why it fails to start. Also don’t post screenshots, post the data from the logs.

OK, How do I get those?? Sorry I’m a Plank!