HAProxy route to internal services?

Is it possible to setup HAProxy to route to internal services?
Both with and without ssl certifcates.

Id have dns names from service.local that I want to go to - if this is possible please give me a link to a post och video. :slight_smile:

I’m probably not understanding your question because that just seems like the normal thing to do with HAProxy (or any reverse proxy); have a domain name resolve to the address of the reverse proxy and the connection is forwarded to the upstream server (or “frontend backend” in HAProxy terms).

Of course you won’t find a trusted CA that issues certificates for .local domains, but I assume this is a placeholder?

I would expect yes no cert is needed if you are using HTTP, but if using HTTPS your browser will complain and maybe prevent access.

If you get a wildcard certificate it can be used for internal subdoamins of that wildcard for internal use without getting a certificate error.

@LTS_Tom ofc you have made a video about it. :slight_smile: Thanks!

@paolo No my thougth was to use .local on my LAN.

I have only been successul in this if I also have an external DNS entry for that server as well. So, I can’t get HAProxy (pfsense) to forward to a server that is ONLY internal.

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