Haproxy redirect to app with nginx ssl

Is there an option to make haproxy in pfsense to point to an app that uses the nginx web server and the ssl certificate is in the nginx configuration. I want to make backend and frontend without using ssl certificate from haproxy. (to redicet to machine that using nginx web server)

That will not work unless you have a cert in HAProxy.

Yes you can have ssl passthrough on HAProxy.

but how to make it?? Can you share screenshots …

  1. Your backend will be simple

  2. The frontend type needs to be ssl / https(TCP mode) and SSL Offloading is unchecked

  3. Acess Control List needs to be set make sure it is the domain you want something like nextcloud.example.com in the vlaue section

  4. The set your backend

Note: This only works if you want to pass through all your entries. Meaning you cannot have a mixed config of using SSL passthrough and offloading SSL. You’ll have to create a new frontend.

you mean
one frontend for ssl offloading and one separate for pass through

Correct, that is what I mean. You can do only one or the other and not on the same fronted because you are changing the type.

SSL handshake failed Error code 525

This is the error. When I made your configuration with my setings

You must have missed a step somewhere. I have this running just fine on my setup.