HAProxy not working correctly

I have followed Tom’s videos and have spent hours looking at others as well as researching my issue but I cannot get HAProxy on PFSense to work correctly.

I own (4) domains that I use DO for external DNS management per Tom’s video and they are set up on DO identically.

I have an internal DNS running for all my internal domain resolution.

I have one server running (6) separate instances of Ghost with out SSL and configured correctly in my DNS. I can return each blog internally correctly.

I can only resolve (2) blogs correctly from outside my firewall. The other (4) will not return. I can only do this if I have HealthCheck disable as well. All Certs are up to date, and all blogs are up and running.

The link below is the HAProxy Config to see if anyone can tell me what is wrong as I do not see anything incorrect. Only dg4u and ischeme work externally.