HAProxy not forwarding to Services without NAT port forwarding

So I have been using (what I thought successfully) HAProxy for SSL Offloading of various services, including NAS DSM, EMBY server, and other services. At first I thought I had to use NAT Port forwarding (or at least I couldn’t get it to work without it).

I learned from your videos that port forwarding should not be needed if I have correctly configured the front and backends of HAProxy.

At this point I can get secure connection to my services like NAS DSM as long as I have a port forwarding rule active that forwards the WAN directly tot he LAN IP of that DSM server. Oddly enough I remain secure in connection even if I disable HAProxy !!!

Any thoughts - I have spent hours trying to troubleshoot

I have plenty of thoughts which is why I put them into this troubleshooting video.

Thank you for taking time to respond !! I have now spent almost a full 24 hrs of watching the videos and trying everything lol. Watched you videos start to finish several times.
I’m stumped! I can’t get access to the internal servers externally unless I port forward in NAT. I did make one change that finally gave me a “503 Service Unavailable” error - so that was a change.

What are my alternatives at this point? Can I “pay” someone to help fix it or show me my probable stupid mistake?

As I note in the videos, you do need a firewall rule to allow access to HAProxy, but not a NAT one. So I am not clear what in your setup is incorrect.

We can be hired here Hire Us - Lawrence Technology Services for help HAProxy setups.

So I have spent hours and hours trying to figure this out.

I did have 2 observations late last night:
One is that it is odd that HAProxy must be helping with the SSL connection because the connection that I am getting ot my unique port services are SSL secure – BUT the connection only occurs if I have a NAT port forward. If I turn off the port forwrad the connection timesout

Also I tried to set something new up yesterday honestly not sure what I did differnt but int that case I just got a 503 error

Maybe my only option is to get fresh eyes. Anyone have any thoughts >??