HaProxy - How to use Rate Limiting and DOS Prevention

Hope someone can help. I have pfSense with the HAProxy package Community Edition installed.
How or WHERE do I find the path to the files haproxy.cfg to edit for haproxy?

Is this possible to rate limit on the GUI or please tell me where the path is with the community edition?

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If you want to add custom settings to HAProxy then go down to the bottom of that page and put them in under “Global Advanced pass thru”

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Thank you for the quick response, Tom.

After using HAProxy, I wanted to secure my back-end domains against DOS attacks and Hackers by using Rate Limiting. It’s probably a good idea to make a video or at least a teaser video on the securing of websites using HAProxy on pfSense.

I finally found an article link after scouring the internet specifically for pfSense and HAProxy called “Securing access to backends with HAproxy’s stick-tables: A guide for pfSense users.”

Keep making the videos :+1: