HAProxy and ACME : Unable to get local issuer certificate


I followed Tom’s video about HAProxy and ACME** (I thank you for that), everything is going well except the fact that my certificate is showing CN = Fake LE Intermediate X1. I guess that it should be Let’s Encrypt.

** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVOEdt-BHDY&t=1517s

I don’t now what can cause that… I do have a production account key in ACME and I saw that the generation of the certificate was succesful.

Is there someone who know something about that?

Thank you,


In the FrontEnd settings under SSL Offloading you need to choose the certificate.

Thank you for the advice, but the certificate was selected. Apparently, there was a problem with my ACME Account Key. I have deleted all certificates that have been installed on my pfsense, then reconfigured the AK and the new certificate now shows the Let’s Encrypt Autority. Maybe the testing AK and certificates that I have created have something to do with that.

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