HAproxy and ACME for a self hosted service

Hey I have been going through the tutorials.
One thing I am kinda stuck on is if I need to register a new domain to get a cert.
Can I use DDNS? I assume not without paying for additional services.
I have a website behind cloud flare and own a domain with a hosted site.
I don’t think I want to mix the two streams.
I want to have a solid setup for certs if I will be hosting Nextcloud on CORE which doesn’t do this by default.
I just want a way for clients to send files directly to me and it seems like a good service for it.

Dynamic DNS is functionally no different than “normal” or “static” DNS (if you want to call it that). It’s simply a term used to describe a system where DNS records are changed automatically via an API. So yes, ACME (and, by extension, Let’s Encrypt) works with DDNS.

DDNS doesn’t have to cost money. I like https://dynv6.com. It’s free and can do something no other DDNS provider I know of can do: Updating only the prefix for AAAA records, which is handy when your ISP doesn’t give you a static prefix.

I am going to give that a shot with the DDNS I have setup. DYNv6 looks interesting. Do I need to run ipv6 for it to work?
I just realized the files were zipped and lost metadata using a delivery service like creation date.
Small thing but it really matters. Nextcloud doesn’t also lose creation date on upload and download does it?

IPv6 is not required AFAIK. Just be aware that it is one of the smaller providers and the company behind it seems to be based in Germany, so I don’t know how reliable it is outside of Europe. If you don’t require the IPv6 prefix support, Cloudflare is also an excellent DNS provider with an API for DDNS (in fact, I use Cloudflare and dynv6 in tandem).

The skill level of configuring cloudflare DDNS seems to be a bit above my skill level. wasn’t expecting that

Actually found this very great tutorial on using cloudflare dns

I configured it all but now nextcloud seems to be expecting https out of the box as a plug-in and even ran certbot. I think I am having a cert clash or a misconfiguration of ports

Cloudflare was actually way easier to setup than I first read. I think I must have something crossed in haproxy and acme