'Handing over' clients' 365 Account to new IT Support Contractor


One of my 365 clients has signed a contract with an IT Support company. I’ve been managing it for a few years but they’re getting bigger and have a lot more staff now and need security and more support. Which is fine…

However, they want to ‘take over’ the whole 365 system and move it to their system under their control; upgrade it to Premium etc (Along with the normal remote/onsite PC/Mac support).

But as most of the clients’ business is in their emails and Sharepoint data, is this a risky move? It seems like handing over ownership of the whole business in a way!

Anyway would like to know thoughts and what do other companies do in terms of having access rights.

Just to add, an employee brought them in as they had worked with him before which could be a vulneribility maybe…

Thanks in advance.


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The outside IT company probably wants them put them under their control to make it easier for them to manage. As long as they maintain ownership of their domain they have little risk other than losing emails if the IT company chose to delete them.


This is pretty much standard. I’ve been in the same spot before. While it sucks to lose a client, just be professional and assist in any way possible. The client may remember this, and the other company may be a good resource for you going forward. Cooperation, not competition. This industry needs more of the earlier…
So, Just note the password in your runbook, and hand it over. Ensure you get the sign off that the client understands you no longer have access, and the other it company sign off stating that they are taking over effective (date time) And that you have handed over all relevant information. Best of luck going forward. My business didn’t survive my losses this year.

Thanks for the reply. I have a feeling they’ll be back. Sorry to hear your business didn’t survive.

You are not alone. A couple of smaller MSPs that I received referrals from bit the dust between the lock downs killing off their clients and now inflation. Big sharks are circling looking to pick business away from the smaller players.