H220 for servers only?

I bought an HP220 raid card (SAS9205) in the hopes of flashing it as a SAS IT mode however the BIOS won’t even pick it up. I tried different PCIe slots on different machines. Windows, Linux and FreeDOS will not detect it at all.

The ebay sellers says it will only work on servers or certain workstations but not desktops. That sounds like crap…??? I don’t have a server mobo to test it on, best thing I have is a dual Xeon Z600 from HP.

You would think at least the BIOS would see it or maybe the sas2flsh -listall command.

I appreciate your quick response. I can’t wait too long before returning it.

I have never used one, it has been my experience that working with specialized cards that need to be reflashed is just a headache.

I’m a freak and enjoy doing this lol

I agree with Tom here, having to flash a card to make it work how you want is a pita nobody wants to have.

However, I’ve never had an issue using HP rebranded hardware, saves money and I like that. It should be a standard LSI card with HP branding and it should at least Post. I know they sell these things on eBay in droves, some are even pre-flashed for you. I’d suspect a dead card, but can’t say for sure either.

You might find more information if you look over at the FreeNAS forums, they’re all about them HBA’s. :wink: